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LLAMA - Lake Area Magical Adventure 200 Mile Relay


The Lake Area Magical Adventure (LLAMA) is a 200 mile relay race through the Lake of the Ozarks. Teams can be 4-12 people. There is a 36 hour limit for completing the course.

Each standard team consists of 8-12 runners running 3 legs each. Legs vary from 3 to 8 miles of diverse terrain. There is also an ultra team division made up of 4-6 member teams. The end result is 200 miles covered over two days and one night.

The first-place teams will be recognized in the following divisions: Mens, Mixed (at least three women), and Ultra (4 to 6 runners).

Your adventure begins Saturday morning and continues day and night traveling near various Lake of the Ozarks communities until you finish. Running a 200 mile relay is a sleepover with your best running friends, but without a lot of sleep! You will laugh, you will cheer. You'll feel exhausted and exhilarated. You'll overcome challenges with the help of your friends and never forget running the fun.

LLAMA is a 200-mile adventure running relay race through Morgan, Miller, Pulaski, Laclede and Camden counties. It is a team-oriented event, which is what makes it so unique, fun and perfect for anyone wanting to create an unforgettable team bonding experience.

7am Saturday - 7pm Sunday

Various Locations



  • Start:October 21, 2023
  • End:October 22, 2023
  • Recurring
  • Where:
  • Phone:N/A
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  • Ticket Price:N/A


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