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2022 entertainment schedule

Take in some great music Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake of the Ozark's summer concert series. It's free and family friendly! Head to the Tiki Hut Pool Bar and grab a seat!

may 2022

May 27   Jake Reinke   6pm - 9pm
May 28   Cody West   6pm-9pm
May 29   Cody West   8pm - 11pm


JUNE 2022

June 4-Marcus Words 6pm-9pm
June 5-Marcus Words 2pm-5pm

June 10- Dave Bennett 6pm-9pm
June 11-Phil Vandel 6pm - 9pm
June 12-Phil Vandel 2pm-5pm

June18-Art Bentley 6pm-9pm
June19- Dave Bennett 2pm-5pm

June 25-Garry Lincoln 6pm-9pm
June 26-Garry Lincoln 2pm-5pm

july 2022

July 1-Rick Lamb 6pm-9pm
July 2-Phil Vandel 6pm-9pm
July 3-Phil Vandel 6pm-9pm
July 4-Rick Lamb 9pm-12am

July 8-Art Bentley 6pm-9pm
July 9-Garry Lincoln 6pm-9pm
July 10-Garry Lincoln 2pm-5pm

July 15-Rick Lamb 6pm-9pm
July 16-Cody West 6pm-9pm
July 17-Cody West 2pm-5pm

July 22-Dave Bennett 6pm-9pm
July 23-Marcus Words 6pm-9pm
July 24-Marcus Words 2pm-5pm

July 29-Rick Lamb 6pm-9pm
July 30-Art Bentley 6pm-9pm
July 31-Jake Reinke 2pm-5pm 

august 2022

Aug 5-Dave Bennett 6pm-9pm
Aug 6-Marcus Words 6pm-9pm
Aug 7-Marcus Words 2pm-5pm

Aug 12-Rick Lamb 6pm-9pm
Aug 13-Garry Lincoln 6pm-9pm
Aug 14-Garry Lincoln 2pm-5pm

Aug 20-Phil Vandel 6pm-9pm
Aug 21-Phil Vandel 2pm-5pm

Aug 26-Dave Bennett 6pm-9pm
Aug 27-Rick Lamb 6pm-9pm
Aug 28-Rick Lamb 2pm-5pm


Sept 2-Art Bentley 6pm-9pm
Sept 3-Cody West 6pm-9pm
Sept 4-Cody West 8pm-11pm

Performances are subject to change
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